Coolest Baby Shower Theme

January 27, 2009

So, I had my first son just over five year’s ago.  He’s a bright kid.  Full of questions, full of smart thoughtful answers.  He amazes me.  It was just after I gave birth to him that I came up with this idea based on my own experience: I wish I could have had a shower dedicated to building his library at home.  Fast forward five years and here it is: – I did it.  A little late for me but, no biggie…

I had two baby showers, one big one with lots of neat bouncy, practical items.  And then I had a smaller one with my girlfriends and I asked them to bring a book for the little guy.  That kind of worked, kind of not.  He got one book that day.  I’m not complaining, I love my girls and will always remember the day they gave me.  But how nice would it have been if they had a place to go with a list of books already set, all they would have had to do was browse and pick one out.  Easy for them, awesome for the little brainiac that was about to be born into this world.

I hope my Site is helpful to all the expecting mothers out there who want to smell the pages of books, flip through them from cover to cover and imagine the time they’ll spend cuddled up with their baby reading a story.

Have you read to your child today?

January 26, 2009

Have you?  I haven’t and I’m going to as soon as I pick them up from school.  See, my new year’s resolution is to read more to my kids every day and then, and this is the good part, ask them lots of questions.  Retell the story in their own words, did they like the ending, who was their favorite character.  In ten years this may be the old hum-drum sound of a third hour English teacher, but right now, it’s exciting. And if I do it right, they’ll actually love their English teachers.  I know, that’s setting my expectations really high, but if I don’t, will my kids do it on their own?

Hello world!

January 20, 2009
This is Kate, WeeCow owner and mother of three boys (the third is not pictured, he's probably off playing baseball).

This is Kate, WeeCow owner and mother of three boys (the third is not pictured, he's probably off playing baseball).

Welcome to the weecow blog.  We cannot wait to start sharing the love of reading with moms (and dads) and their babies via our baby-book registry at!


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